Online Dutch video courses

Recorded videos, with detailed explanations, pdfs, exercises and a certification of completion at the end.

    • Writing exam inburgering - Online course - 5,90

    Writing exam inburgering

    1 Lesson

    Struggling with Het Inburgeringsexamen Schrijven? If you are not sure what to expect or if you just want to practice some more, this video course might be useful!

    Writing exam inburgering
    • All about ER - Online Course - 20,90

    All about ER

    6 Lessons

    In this course you will learn how to recognise and use the different types of ER. Your Dutch will sound much more natural! ( for A2/B1 students and up)

    Video course All about er - cover
    • Word order in Dutch - Online Course - 29,00

    Word order in Dutch

    16 Lessons

    Word order a mystery? Not anymore! After this course, you will know where to put the words and why. We'll cover the basics (A2) and the more difficult aspects of sentence structure (B2).

    Word order in Dutch Course